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Hi, my name is Ciera Dent.  At the age of 11, my father moved our family to a small town called Steelton, PA.  Here, I have made life-long friendships, obtained my high school diploma, and am currently a proud resident. 

Growing up in Steelton gave me memories I will never forget. Memories of Officer Pickles handing out free ice cream during the summer months, experiencing state championship victories, and the diversity of ethnicities. I even have memories of being pick up by law enforcement for being out passed curfew! Those were the days! For me, Steelton was my safe place and is still my place of comfort. As an adult, even when I left, I also found my way back; I always came back home. 


Steelton is home to many that I grew up with and others that have found their way here through life's journey. With my experience, I also know that realistically, there are some who do not and did not have great memories. I am aware that some of these memories may include racial profiling, a failing school district, or an unsuccessful business venture. This is what led me to announce my intentions to run for Mayor as the democratic nomination.

With strained relationships between the community, law enforcement, distrust with elected officials and concerns about our children falling behind on their academics; I believe that Steelton is at a great place to insert CHANGE.  Change that happens when all parties work together. Change that gives hope to look through the eyes of the future and to see what Steelton can become.

My agenda is simple; bridge the gap to the future. I plan to use my community service experiences and wisdom to build trusting relationships through policing, city officials, our community and leaders in education. I am asking you to partner with me to bridge this gap. I truly believe that Steelton has the potential to be a thriving place for the community it serves including families, visitors and businesses.

My hopes are to implement task forces and community groups, with the help of our city officials, to strengthen relationships with everyone from leadership to the elderly. Growing up, my father taught me how to look after our neighbors and that's what I intend to keep doing. I intend to serve this community with the best interest for every resident, from our children to our beloved senior citizens.

From my many conversations with fellow Steeltonians, most have the same concerns. They worry that their children are not only failing in school, but that they are being left to their own devices. They cry out for more programs for the youth in the community. Parents want assurance that the community and its officials care for their children just as much as they do. With these concerns, I plan to work closely with our city council and school board members to create ways to keep our children safe, on the right path, and out of trouble.

Residents also want confidence in knowing that our most vulnerable residents, our senior citizens, are being looked after and given the resources needed. While living through a pandemic, our senior citizens deserve to have access to every day essentials without putting their lives at risk. This is why it is important to create task forces that are willing to check on these residents, and begin the conversation of how we accomplish a local, easy accessible grocery store. COVID-19 may have limited our abilities to gather, but it has not limited out ability to love our neighbors. 

So I invite you to come, partner and journey with me as we display the big heart of this small town. I cannot do this alone, and frankly, I wouldn't want to. I look forward to getting to know more residents that make up this great, small town. I also look forward to building relationships that will provide positive change into the future. - Ciera