"Partnerships, education, creating programs for the youth, assisting our senior citizens; these are all key things that we must be willing to address in order to start bridging the community and its leaders."

This is an area that we can all agree needs improvement. Our school district has been one under scrutiny due to our failing grades. I would like to implement parent groups that will offer support to families during the school year. Many parents struggle with helping their children due to lack of understanding, lack of support, and for single parent homes, lack of time. I plan to work with the school board as much as I can as Mayor and a parent, to create different plans to help parents with their struggles so that in return, parents can then assist their children. 

I would also present to our school district and parents implementing more accessible tutoring, monthly zoom meetings to check with students and parents on progress, and make resources more available and known, such as after school programs.


I plan to present to our school board, city council, police department, and residents ways that we can unite as one and work together in unity to correct course certain issues. Many times our issue is simply communication whether it is nonexistent or lacking comprehension. Working with city council will give me ability to create community groups that consist of residents and community leaders to discuss problems and challenge with hopes of resolving them with the transparency needed for change. 

Partnership also has to happen with our residents. These partnerships can include programs for our youth, resources for our senior citizens, understanding the residents' needs and finding ways to implement these necessities. 

Local Businesses

Small and local businesses have assisted and contributed towards Steelton's economy and growth. Strategizing to come up with ideas to highlight them would not only build long lasting business relationships, but will also invite more traffic from visitors. In a world where social media is the "go-to" for a plethora of information, utilizing this resource to highlight local and small businesses will be very beneficial. Small businesses have suffered immensely due to the pandemic, therefore, offering the community's support to those that willingly chose our town to place their business should know that they have our support. I believe that re-addressing the need for a local grocery store or food market would also be beneficial. Not only to our residents, but to the economy as well. I plan to learn more about how we as a community can make this a reality. Having our own local grocer will be a valuable boost to our community.

Public Safety and Policing

With the ability to work closely with our police department, my thoughts are to implement ways for the community to get to know and engage with our officers. When law enforcement is mistaken as a separate entity apart from the community it is easy for residents to question their safety. As Mayor, I plan to create task forces that will be visible in the community, assuring our citizens that their presence exudes safety and service, instead of intimidation or fear. Creating community events, as well, for the community to interact with our officers and first responders will restore the peace and family spirit Steelton longs for. Our residents, law enforcement, and first responders deserve the opportunity to count on each other to play their role in this community with integrity, honesty, honor, and respect.